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About Us

We created Set For Set to help you achieve your highest level of performance by providing kick-ass unconventional training equipment and functional fitness workouts. We hope you joined us on this journey to creating stronger humans because you believe, like we do, that it's better to stay ready than to get ready for when shit hits the fan.


Stronger humans build stronger communities. We're grateful you found us and we value your support.

unconventional training equipment, the steel mace

We are here to enhance your performance levels and skills through proven, functional training methods.

We believe “functional fitness” and “unconventional training” means having the strength, coordination, mobility, flexibility and endurance to perform any daily function called upon you. Whether carrying groceries, climbing a rock wall or a tough gym session, you are always ready.

Set For Set’s equipment and workout videos are designed to supplement your current training program and to help provide you with the extra boost you need to take your performance to the next level.

Our equipment and workouts are also perfect if you are just starting out in fitness, just getting back in your groove, or you are bored with current traditional training methods.

Our focus is on increasing Strength, Coordination, Mobility, Flexibility and Endurance for anyone who joins the SET FOR SET community.

Top quality:
All of our products are top-notch. We promise the best because we know the best. We work with top athletes and fitness influencers (not to mention all of us at Set For Set are passionate about fitness and health) who are proud to use our products because they know not only the benefit unconventional equipment provides but also the quality that SET FOR SET will guarantee, which is no less than 100% top quality.

Customer service:
We are here for you all day, every day.

We are more than happy to provide or direct you to information or products that you need. Whether you know what you want but have a few final specific questions or you want to learn more about how a product works or find a workout video that’s right for you, simply contact us and we will respond shortly. 

Email: support@setforset.com

Guaranteed Satisfaction:
We take pride in helping our customers with any issues, questions or information. It’s our job and our duty to serve you.

If there is ever an issue or question we promise to resolve it quickly, as we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Our community means everything to us. Our goal is to motivate our community through competition, collaboration and giving back. Help us achieve this goal by making yourself stronger and more mobile every day!